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Our Services

General Contracting 

SJS Construction brings over thirty years of hands-on construction experience to the table and is ready to manage the day-to-day operations that will make your vision a reality. SJS has a proven track record of delivering high-quality results.  As your General Contractor, SJS will:


  • Execute most trade labor with its team of in-house craftsmen

  • Coordinate subcontractors as needed to perform work for different phases of the project

  • Identify and procure materials with an eye on both project specifications and budget

  • Communicate regularly with all project stakeholders to advise of timelines and identify potential issues in a timely fashion to mitigate their impact on completion dates

  • Work with architects to arrange change orders in the event of supply problems or other issues that may arise during construction

  • Ensure that regulatory authorities are properly involved and informed, including the scheduling of mandated inspections and adherence to building codes

  • Assist with obtaining applicable permits, licenses, and certificates of occupancy

  • Coordinate review and submission of any required drawings to applicable authorities


If you have a design and you are ready to move ahead with construction, you can select SJS Construction as your General Contractor with confidence.

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Construction Management Services

SJS Construction can help you sidestep lengthy bidding processes by collaborating with you from inception as your Construction Management team. Various companies and institutions have relied upon SJS to plan and coordinate their construction projects from the ground up, helping them navigate everything from negotiations to clearing regulatory hurdles. By working with SJS you can rest assured that your project will be cost effective and account for risk potential. 


As your Construction Manager, SJS will:


  • Assist with pre-construction analysis and logistical reviews to ensure the feasibility of a project

  • Oversee any bidding procedures and material procurement

  • Ensure that regulatory requirements are met

  • Optimize expenditures to keep the project on budget, including considerations for market fluctuations which may occur during long construction projects

  • Provide General Contracting services or coordinate with any client-selected third party contractors and subcontractors

  • Schedule and conduct regular progress meetings to ensure that all stakeholders are kept informed and that relevant construction personnel will meet milestones


SJS also provides post-construction support for all of its clients to ensure that all paperwork and payments are finalized, eliminating any lingering loose ends.

Building Services and Repairs

Even the highest quality construction needs ongoing maintenance and repair. SJS Construction is on call to provide emergency repairs and routine upkeep. The phones are answered by live operators 24/7. The in-house team of technicians and craftsmen at SJS can handle a wide range of tasks including:


  • Carpentry

  • Floor and wall tiling

  • Painting

  • Electrical repair

  • Door and door hardware repair and replacement

  • Parking lot maintenance and painting

  • Industrial and architectural metal fabrication

  • Welding


SJS also offers 24-hour emergency board-up service for severe weather events. You can rely on SJS for reliable and efficient service for all your facility needs.

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Industrial Blasting and Coating

An unheralded but vital component of maintaining large structures is the treatment of corrosion-prone surfaces. Both the blasting and coating process require specialized equipment and experienced personnel to be done effectively. SJS Construction offers these services for commercial, industrial, and institutional clients alongside more general maintenance services.  Proactive treatment of exposed surfaces can prevent expensive repair and replacement work in the future and ensure the long-term structural integrity of your facilities.

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